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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fly Fishing Film Tour

For me, this was my second year in attendance at the Fly Fishing Film Tour's stop in Seattle - this time around at the King Cat Theater on March 8th. Admitting openly now that I am part of an older generation of fly fishers, it is still fun to see the younger set gather to celebrate what I consider my sport. It's a bit like going to the zoo - I see strange creatures that aren't like me... I bring my boys and point and say things like, "look at those guys. They are dressed poorly but wear Costa Del Mar sunglasses and drink microbrews..."
At the end of the day, the spirit of Warren Miller is alive in a new sport niche and I couldn't be happier about it. I can't think of a better way to pass a cold winter day than to sit in a small theater with a few hundred guys who love the sport of fly fishing like I thought only I did. For two hours we were treated to highlights and clips from perhaps a dozen fly fishing films. This allowed the audience to travel from New Zealand to Canada, to Alaska, to Florida, to Turneffe Flats. You name it, they showed it. They even did a segment on the ever-growing popularity of Bass on a fly. Lots of fun.
The night was full of hooting and hollering. A loud "Yes!" would erupt from the crowd when the close-up showed a fat trout sipping a dry fly and a low "Ohhhh" would follow when a fish refused. Only here could you go to a theater and shout at the film and everyone expected it instead of frowning on it.
There are plenty more stops for the Tour yet to come around the country so check out the website for the calendar and catch it if you get a chance.
I am still slobbering from having seen the segment by Team Fly Boys on fat Steelhead sipping dry flies on a river in British Columbia. If Steelies were ever going to develop this habit it would have to be in pursuit of the big Green Drake hatch that we saw in the film (huge Mayflies) but it still boggles the mind to think someone found it and got into it. They must have caught ten of those big monsters in an hour and they did it all on dries. Wow...
Really, there is something for everyone at this event. Don't miss it...