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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Back Again

Gary Rice and I did what he referred to as our "Second Annual" fly fishing trip to Amber Lake. It was a long drive but a beautiful Saturday on the lake with hardly anyone else on the water with us.

The fish were found cruising the shorelines and we had a lot of exciting action but both suffered from hooking a lot more fish than we landed. An Example? Around 11am, I saw that the Damsels were starting to move and I switched over to a double-nymph rig. Within 20 minutes I'd quickly hooked and fought four nice fish but only landed one. That's how the day went. And the bigger fish really put it to me - rubbing me off on rocks, making long runs and turning back to spit the fly, etc. But, as I told Gary later, better to have hooked and lost...

We enjoyed the day and still have a place in our hearts for fiesty Amber Lake Rainbows.