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Monday, November 14, 2011

Winter Provides A Gentle Hint

Caught up in all the fun this year had to offer, I found myself still fishing in November when normally I would have hung up my waders to enjoy a quiet winter.  But a couple days ago I snuck out with a friend and spent the first half of the day wading on the Yakima River.  The scenery, with the fall colors, was just beautiful.  And once the sun came up we caught several fat trout.  But at 8:00AM there was ice on all the leaves and branches.  Twice that morning I couldn't strip my line because it was actually frozen in the guides of my rod. 

That's winter's little hint that you either got up too early that morning or you are actually fishing too late in the season.  My die-hard friend chose the former but I'm going with the latter and will wish you all well as you enjoy the winter months.  Me, I'll be tying flies by the gas fireplace in the family room at my home, dreaming of spring and the adventures of a new year...