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Friday, October 26, 2012

Catching up on the Year

Somehow 2012 zoomed by when I wasn't paying attention.  At about the same speed I noticed in my kids' childhood years... 

Fished some beautiful water with Frank in July on the Yakima River.


Got to watch David catch a nice Silver Salmon on my boat in Puget Sound in August.

And I caught a mess of Sea-Run Cutthroat on my boat, too.  With enough size to keep a simple guy like me pretty happy.  I really do love being out in the quiet saltwater of south Puget Sound. 

It was a summer of backyard BBQ's and periodic fishing and now I find myself at the end of October, one of my favorite fishing months, wondering why I didn't get out more.  Of course, I'm not helping myself by deciding to learn a new lake in October and also deciding to put in more time on Tiger Muskie.  I'm basically trading all the great October fishing that's out there to learn some new things.  That translates into low fish counts and zero bragging rights.  Oh, well...  You have to put in your time, right?

Tomorrow morning I am headed out on my boat at the crack of dawn to try to learn a bit more about Chum Salmon.  These fish, too, are apparently picky about who they let catch them.  Maybe I can crack the code...  Or maybe not.

Either way, I guess I'm ready for a quiet winter and will think fondly of the fast and furious spring I had while regretting that I let the summer mostly get away from me.  Such is life...

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